Welcome Vendors!

Gateway Center strives to make every vendor who walks in our doors feel comfortable and welcome.  Our crew prides themselves on setting rooms according to our client’s specifications and keeping our building clean.  Our four large exterior docks located at the back (west) of the building allow vendors to have easy access in and out of the building during move-in.  Our entire staff works hard to make sure that our clients and their vendor’s experience at Gateway Center is as stress free as possible.

Check out our Calendar of Events to find out what’s happening!  Gateway Center has hosted a wide variety of events over our 20+ year history.  From scrapbooking and jewelry to fishing and woodworking, we have something for everyone!

Below you can read some Frequently Asked Questions.  If you do not find the answer below, feel free to call us at 1-800-289-2388.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I get to the Gateway Center?
A: Click here for Directions.

Q: Is there a fee to park?
A: No. All parking is complimentary at Gateway Center.

Q: Where should I go when I arrive at Gateway Center?
A: Vendors can easily move in and out of our building through one of our four Exterior Docks located at the rear (west) of the building.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask any member of the Gateway Center.  We are happy to assist our vendors!

Q: How can exhibitors order equipment and/or power?
A: Exhibitors can request power and/or equipment for their booth by filling out the Gateway Center Exhibit Work Order Form.  Gateway Center uses the same Exhibit Work Order Form for all shows and events with exhibitors. Prior to filling out a form, please read through Gateway Center's Exhibitor Rules.

Q: Is there a fee for wireless internet?
A: Yes. We charge $10 Per Hour or $50 Per Day.

Q: Can I get copies somewhere on site?
A: Yes. If you need to make copies, send a fax, make a call, or if you need various supplies, please come to the Front Administration Office located in the front of the building.  We are happy to help you.  Please note some fees may apply.

Q: Is outside food and/or beverages allowed in the building.
A: No. Gateway Center has an exclusive in-house caterer.  Clients cannot bring in outside food or beverages at Gateway Center.

Q: Is there somewhere inside the building that I buy food and beverages?
A: Yes.  We have soda, coffee, and vending machines inside the building.  There are concession stands as well as a convenience store called Outtakes in the Gateway Center.  Our clients have to arrange for concession stands to be available.  Outtakes’ hours of operations varies depending on the traffic in the building each day.

Q: How can I find out more information about the show that I want to be a vendor in? 
A: Please check our Calendar of Events Page for event dates, timing, and admission fees.

Q: Does Gateway Center sponsor all of their own events?
A: No. But, the Gateway Bridal Shows and the Let's Go Fishing Show which are both produced by Gateway Center.  For all other events, Gateway Center rents our space to various show promoters/companies/groups/organizations that produce their own shows. Our clients are the ones that make decisions regarding selling booths and placing advertising.