Gateway Center is committed to providing exceptional event services, while we maintain a quality facility and build meaningful relationships.


Gateway Center is committed to providing a safe, clean environment for both our patrons and employees. For the safety and well-being of all facility users, patrons and vendors are expected to conduct their event in a manner which respects the rights of all users. OSHA regulations are observed by our facility and we mandate the same high standards for all of our contractors and service providers.

The following building policies and requirements apply to most Gateway Center events.


1) Service Animals: ADA service animals are the only animals permitted in the Center. The ADA defines service animals as animals that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities such as guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf, pulling wheelchairs, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, or performing other special tasks. Service animals are working animals, not pets.
2) Approved Animals: For non-service animals, a written request must be presented to the General Manager or designee by no later than 30 days prior to the event. When any approved display includes pens or enclosures containing live animals, the following minimal provisions must be made: A protective coating such as plastic or visqueen must be used to protect all floors and equipment. Plastic floor covering is available for rent through Gateway Center. Absorbent (i.e. saw dust or fire retardant wood shavings) must be placed within the pens. Curbing or bike rack must be provided to contain animals. Animals must be supervised at all times. Provide clean up and proper disposal of absorbents and waste.
Lessee will adhere to all other safety measures as required by Gateway Center. Animals are not permitted within 50 ft. of any food prep or service area, unless they are ADA service animals. Licensee is responsible for ensuring that any approved use of animals within the Center is also in adherence to any and all applicable local, state and federal laws.

Decorations and Signs
Decorations, signs, banners, and streamers shall not be attached, taped, nailed, pinned or otherwise fastened to any ceiling, drapery, painted surface or wall of Gateway Center. Any costs incurred by the Gateway Center from the use of, removal of, will be billed for accordingly. If you find the need to hang a sign or banner, please contact your Event Manager and we will hang it for you.

Fire Regulations 
All exhibitors, service contractors, and all event promoters must comply with all federal, state and local fire codes which apply to places of public assembly. All exhibitor material must be flame proof. Gasoline, propane or other flammable items are prohibited. Open flame is not permitted in the building. Candles are allowed as long as they are within glass protection and the flame is not exposed. If an exhibit prevents a fire from being put out by an overhead sprinkler, such as an indoor pop up tent, then a fire extinguisher will be required. Vendors are responsible for supplying their own fire extinguishers.

Food and Beverage
1) No Outside Food & Beverage Policy: No food and beverage shall be brought onto Gateway Center premises except through Gateway Center’s exclusive concessionaire. Any food and beverage items not approved by Center Management will be removed from the premises. Arrangements for catering must be coordinated and contracted through Ovations Food Services, Gateway Center’s exclusive in-house catering provider.
2) Food/Beverage Product Sampling: Gateway Center stipulates that food and beverage samples are 4 oz for liquid and 2 oz for dry goods. Free samples greater than 4 oz for liquid and 2 oz for dry goods are not allowed to be given away or otherwise distributed without prior written consent of Gateway Center Management. Permission to distribute or dispense, without charge, samples of food, soft drinks, refreshments, sundries related to the trade show, etc. shall be arranged in advance and be clearly stated and identified in the Lease Agreement. An Exhibitor Sample Form must be obtained from Ovations and submitted to Ovations GM for approval. Gateway Center’s exclusive food and beverage contractor, Ovations Food Services, reserves the right to regulate the size and type of samples and collect a fee. Refrigeration and Freezer space, as well as other storage facilities must be prearranged with the Catering Company. Charges for storage will be assessed to the Lessee and/or exhibitor.
3) Concession Stands (Exhibit Halls and Lobby Areas): Gateway Center reserves the right to determine the locations of all concession selling locations and utilize reasonable space for these points of sale. Arrangements for concessions must be coordinated and contracted through Ovations Food Services.
4) Exhibitor Sale of Food and Beverages: Any exhibitor selling a consumable food or beverage item during said trade/consumer show will be subject to commission fees payable to Ovations Food Services. Prior to show move-in, all forms must be completed and approved by Ovations Food Services.
5) Alcohol Sampling: Additional fees apply for vendors that wish to pass out samples of alcoholic beverages. In order to stay in compliance with the Liquor License Laws, the vendor must pay a labor fee of $25++ per bartender, per hour.

Freight/Exhibitor Materials
1) Freight: Freight will ONLY be accepted one day prior to the designated move-in day(s). The Center will not accept any C.O.D. deliveries. For cases involving an outside decorating company, freight must be shipped to the service contractor and delivered to the Center during the designated move-in period. All materials must be removed during designated move-out hours. Under no circumstance will materials be permitted to be left in the building until a later date. All freight should be clearly marked with the official name of the event as well as the contact person and should be delivered to Dock D. A storage fee will be charged for shipments accepted prior to move-in day. Storage is subject to availability. Gateway Center does not provide outbound shipment arrangements; therefore, Center users are responsible for making these arrangements and should do so in advance of the event.
2) Shipments - Excluding Exhibit Materials: Registration and meeting materials will be accepted (5) days in advance of a meeting. All shipments should be clearly marked with the official name of the event as well as the contact person and should be delivered to Dock D. Prior to arranging the shipment of materials, an Event Manager must be notified in advance of the Lessee’s plans to store materials on premise.

Move In/Move Out
All equipment must be transported into the facility through designated loading dock areas. Absolutely under no circumstance are carts permitted through Lobby entrances. Trucks and vehicles must be removed from loading dock areas once equipment has been unloaded or loaded.

Parking/RV Parking
All parking at Gateway Center is complimentary. Overnight parking is prohibited; however, should an exception to this be needed, prior written approval from Gateway Center Management is required. RVs are prohibited. Gateway Center prohibits tailgating or the assembly of tents on Gateway Center property without written consent from Center Management. Electricity and water are not available on-site. Any unattended vehicles parked overnight (with the exception of designated move-in or move-out times) are subject to be towed.

All ceiling or wall suspended signs, speakers, lights and related items must be furnished in writing to Center Management. Lessee should provide detailed rigging proposals for Center review. All rigging must be done by an IATSE employee, unless an exception is made by the Executive Director in writing. Audio Solutions is our in-house rigging expert. It is highly encouraged that any and all rigging go through Audio Solutions. Any outside riggers will need prior consent and proper insurance prior to move-in.

In compliance with the Smoke Free Illinois Act, smoking is not permitted in the building or within 15 feet of any entrances, exits or ventilation intakes. This includes any form of electronic cigarette.

Trash Removal
Dispose of refuse in appropriate containers. Gateway Center staff does not clean inside vendor areas.

Vehicles & Motorized Equipment
1) Vehicles & Motorized Equipment: Any powered vehicles or equipment that drip oil or staining substances will be removed immediately from Gateway Center and the responsible party/parties will be charged with cleaning costs for the removal of stains. Gasoline or diesel powered vehicles and equipment include, but are not limited to, boats, automobiles, recreational vehicles, lawn mowers and power equipment. The Lessee is required to ensure that all equipment operated in Gateway Center by any service contractors or designees of the Lessee do not drip oil or any other staining substances.
2) Vehicles: Vehicles are permitted in the exhibit hall for loading/unloading with the authorization of Gateway Center Management. Any vehicles that remain on the exhibit floor must comply with the following:
- Plastic or cardboard should be placed under all tires and the vehicles’ engine.
- Plastic floor covering is available for rent through Gateway Center.
- Fuel tanks may not be more than ¼ full.
- Vehicle electrical systems must be disconnected by either removing the battery, battery cables or disconnecting the battery cables and taping contact with non-conductive electrical tape.
- The cap for the fuel tank must be locked or taped down and at no time is the removal or addition of fuel allowed in or around the Center.
- No substance may be sprayed or otherwise applied to tires or vehicles that could potentially stain or create a slick surface on the floor.

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