Free Virtual Event Planning Sessions


Gateway Convention Center is offering free virtual event planning sessions for current and prospective clients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our sales, events, and catering team members are working remotely until further notice.  While we are practicing social distancing, we are still easily available to our clients throughout the event booking and planning process!

Our event experts are available to discuss details, review options, brainstorm, and plan anything and everything for the event that you are planning.  

  • Plan the next steps for upcoming event 
  • Find date and space options for a new event
  • Discover resources that can help you impress your attendees, vendors, and sponsors
  • Review diagrams of our venue
  • View and approve floor plans
  • Review options and finalize catering details
  • Share inspirational event room, decor, and catering photos

Our staff understand what it takes to produce successful events.  We also understand the unique concerns and challenges event planners are facing right now. We want to help by making the planning process as easy, simple, and seamless as possible.  Our team is available for virtual event planning sessions that will be no longer than 40 minutes and will be conducted over Zoom.

Contact us to schedule your free virtual event planning session! 

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