Free Hospitality Shuttle


The City of Collinsville now operates a free Hospitality Shuttle on Fridays and Saturdays (weather permitting).  The shuttle picks up guests at Gateway Center as well as the Collinsville hotels.  The shuttle takes them uptown to enjoy our local restaurants, bars, and shops. 

Exploring what Collinsville has to offer has never been more easy or FUN!  Uptown Collinsville has seen a resurgence with several new restaurants that are authentic and unique. Each place exudes its own unique local flair. It has become a hub of activity and a popular hotspot to be! Visitors can enjoy fine Italian dining at Mungo's Uptown, chat over lattes at Verona's a local coffee house, or experience the best craft brewery and distillery tour in the country. Collinsville's Uptown has grown into a food destination that offers a wide range of options for everyone to enjoy.

Free Hospitality Shuttle
Points of Interest are. . .

Friday’s South
Old Herald Brewery
Mungo's Italian Restaurant
Sloan’s Pub House

Verona Coffee Company

St. Louis Road:
Ramon’s Mexican

Collinsville's convention center and hotel guests can look for the White and Purple Shuttle sandwich board signs that are the pick-up and drop off locations. They can follow on Facebook to get updates. 

Collinsville Hospitality Shuttle
Old Herald Brewery & Distillery
Mungo's Italian
Sloan's Pub Tacos